wall It Is Said That War Does Not Always Begin Or End.

That War Does Not Always Have a Winner Or Loser.

An That War Has Only One Truth:

That Some Who Go to War Shall Not Return.

(Music: Navy Hymn - "Eternal Father")



Killed in Action (KIA)

These brave men gave their lives for the United States of America
LT Alva “Ace” Kemmer 22 Aug 62 Operational aircraft accident AH 302
LCDR Michael Zibilich Dec 63   Operational aircraft accident Saints OPS Officer
Airman Thomas Prezorski April 65  PC, blown overboard & drown at sea Recovered
LT Malcolm A. Avore 18 July 65 Aircraft went down on cat launch Body not recovered
LCDR Roy "Hap" Bowling 17 Nov 65 Aircraft AH350   MIA Remains recovered 1977
LT Daniel Kapner April 66 Operational aircraft accident Stateside
LCDR Donald V. Davis 25 July 67 Aircraft AH304    MIA Remains recovered 1997
LTJG Ralph C. Bisz 01 Aug 67  Aircraft AH 313   MIA Remains recovered 2008
LTJG James E. Dooley 22 Oct 67 Aircraft AH 306   KIA Remains Not recovered
LTJG Jeff M. Krommenhoek 25 Oct 67 Aircraft AH 315   MIA Not recovered
LTJG R.E. "Skip" Foulks 05 Jan 68 Aircraft AH 303   MIA Remains recovered 1993
LCDR William R. Rankin July 1968 Operational aircraft accident WestPac


 Purple Heart
Purple Heart Medal

Wounded in Action (WIA)

Rank Name Date Injury Aircraft
CDR Wynn F. Foster 23 July 1966 Suffered the loss of his right arm AH 301
LTJG Denny Earl 22 Nov 1967 Both legs shattered by VC anti-aircraft fire AH 300
CDR Ed Shropshire 16 Sept 1968 AAA shrapnel wounds to face & neck



Missing in Action (MIA)

Yeoman 3rd Class Tom Hubin 1968 Lost Overboard - USS Hancock


 POW Medal
POW Medal

Saints that were shot down and made Prisoners of War (POW)

Rank Name Dates of Captivity Aircraft
CDR James Stockdale 09 Sept 65 - 12 Feb 73 AH 352
CDR Harry Jenkins 13 Nov 65 - 12 Feb 73 AH 340
LTJG David Carey 31 Aug 67 - 14 Mar 73 AH 315
LCDR Hugh "Al" Stafford 31 Aug 67 -14 Mar 73 AH 310
LCDR John McCain 26 Oct 67 - 14 Mar 73 AH 300


USS Oriskany Fire Casualties

 26 Oct 1966

Total of 44 casualties ship-wide, additional 156 injured

VA-163 Casualties

LCDR Clem Morisette

LT Clarence “Dale” Miller

LTJG Tom Spitzer

LTJG Ron Tardio

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