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Here is all the information needed for completing your plans for our2021 Reunion. The commitments have been a struggle, but finally I

believe everything is in place. Please fill out the Reunion RegistrationForm and return it to me with a check ASAP. There will be box lunch

choices sent to you in a few days.  The sites and attachments providedetails. The last attachment shows how to order a shirt from Ken Adams

As always, contact me with any questions.

Ed Chadwick


Reunion Registration Form

Hotel Contract  [The rate is good for all week]

Hotel Registration Instructions from a previous email

Shirt Procedure

Registration Form    BW Sandcastle Beachfront Hotel Contract    Hotel Reservation Instructions    Shirt Procedure

Military Aviation Museum: Military Aviation Museum

NAS Oceania: NAS Oceana

One possible alternate for Oceania: Alternate to NAS Oceana

Nauticus and The Wisconsin: Nauticus and the Wisconsin

Victory Rover Tours: Victory Rover Tours


We are very close to having a reunion and securing a hotel in Virginia 
Beach, VA. The main events would occur on November 3rd, 4th and 5th, 
with a banquet on the night of the 5th. I need a head count to conclude 
negotiations with the hotel and to line up events. Please respond with:

Whether you plan to attend?

How many people?

Number of nights you would use the hotel?

Whether you can walk 150 yards [for one tour]?

This is only a showing of interest, not a commitment.
However we need
the numbers to be as accurate as possible. The Reunion is for all 
members of the Squadron, their friends and families. The airport serving 
the area is Norfolk International [ORF]. You will be happy to know that 
the event is planned to be one of the least expensive which we have 
enjoyed. Please respond to this email, while you remember receiving it.  
Like ASAP!  Thanks.

Ed Chadwick

Would you please ask everyone to check to see if all their contact 
information is current on the squadron roster. You could also give step 
by step instructions on how to access it and how to have the corrections 
made. In addition it would also be good to have your readers check on 
listings other than their own and help make corrections for their mates 
who cannot follow instructions, don't read the newsletter or other 
reasons. I will be using the rooster to make contact with people for the 
reunion. At our age, many need help. Thanks,

Roster: for corrections, contact Ed Copher, 
1. Go to Saints Website 
2. Click on Roster,
3. Enter password: Saints4ever  (capital S)
    sometimes you must enter the pw twice
4. OK



Looking for LOST Saints

Need to contact all Saints

Bill Tomko wants to try and find/research as many Saints as possible.

Please provide any LOST Saints names with last known whereabouts so that we can research, and try to contact them. 

(There is a web site that charges a fee, to research and find folks.)



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