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An Interesting Bit of History
This is a very interesting narrative by the pilot of Plane #13
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Plane #13 on the 1942 Doolittle Raid

Grumman X-47B

The X-47B will be a transformational, carrier-capable, multi-mission, unmanned combat air vehicle. Strike fighter-sized, it is a survivable, long range, high endurance and persistent platform capable of a variety of missions including Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and Time Sensitive Targeting/Strike.

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Link to Grumman Aerospace Web Site



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(Information collected by Bill Tomko)
 Saints, Oriskany, and A-4 items online:

1)  SAINTS AND OTHER MILITARY DECALS- This site has the Saints A-4 decal, The Saints LOGO decal, Oriskany Decal and most all decoration ribbons etc. and top quality. be sure to  scroll down on the "Badges" to find the A4E silhouette on a Vietnam Ribbon decal and also the Gulf of Tonkin YC amongst others. The Saints A-4 Decal is at the end of the color ships and aircraft section and patch under the Navy Aviation Units category.  http://www.military-graphics.com/  

2) HATS- A4 AND OTHER AIRCRAFT HATS- This site has the Vietnam A-4 Skyhawk hat and many other with various Aircraft. They are very good quality.   http://www.priorservice.com/viwarplca.htm

3) PINS- A4 PINS AND  HAT/TIE TACKS etc.-  This site has many aircraft pins: http://www.soldiercity.com/s/a4/  also   http://www.4armedforces.com/category/4xaircraft.navy.attack/ 

4). A-4 PRINTS- This site has some A-4's (not Saints) and some Nice Prints of the 2 Saints A-4's over Viet Nam (I have one signed by  Admiral Stockdale  CAG-16 and skipper Captain Wynn Foster. You have to scroll down to see them.  http://yellowairplane.com/Models_Fighters/airplane_models_A-4_Skyhawk.html

5) McCain  SAINTS A-4  DIE-CAST MODEL- This site has the John McCain Saints A-4 die-cast model.  The model has various Ordnance loads you configure.    http://www.petescollectibles.com/display.asp?cat=Corgi&ItemNo=US37404#item      

6) THE TAILHOOK ASSOCIATION- The Tailhook site has many items including the A-4 on the back of a tailhook shirt and many golf shirts at:

7) REUNION POSTER SITE - This site did the 2009 Saints Reunion poster with all the Various Saints A-4 heritage. He does custom Profiles you specify with your name and PC name,Tail  number and correct bureau number and ordnance load. I find the site a little difficult to navigate but he does great work and has done at least 6 custom prints for the Saints and does the Tailhook Magazine art work. He is in Denmark.   http://www.aircraftprofiles.dk/

8) MEDALS,RIBBONS, AND FLAG CASES - For medals,ribbons cases to hold them and flags,etc. I use Medals of America .They also have hats and other gear in the Navy store.You can BUY the Medals you were awarded the NAVY never  provided us here.  They are at: www.medalsofamerica.com

9) MILITARY COINS - This site has Military Challenge coins and other collectibles - http://store.nwtmint.com/      

10) MILITARY ITEMS FOR VETS - For a little of everything go to http://www.priorservice.com/ which has many military items for vets.  

11) ORDNANCE STORES - For  the hardest working Crew in the US Navy I must give the an Ordnance Store for the Ordies out there.  http://www.ordiemart.com/page/page/5134813.htm   

12) ORISKANY CRUISE BOOKS ON CD'S - For USS Oriskany CRUISE BOOKS on CD's http://glewis.us/Oriskany.htm

13) And last, I almost forgot the Skyhawk Association for a wealth of info and has a ships store with limited items at http://www.skyhawk.org/  
I have done a ton of  Internet research looking for Saints,Oriskany and A-4 related collectibles, pictures, books, videos, models, decals, pins, shirts and hats and was asked to publish some of the links I had been satisfied with. I am happy to share it here and if you need help finding something please feel free to email me at Tomkowj AT aol.com  (Spam protection - change the AT to @ to send email to Bill)

Click for Vietnam War Ports of Call Information for Oriskany and Hancock

 Navy Aviation Videos

 Rare 1941 US Navy Aircraft on USS Enterprise  5:48 min

US Aircraft Carrier Fleet Evolution  7:30 min 

 VAW-113 Blackhawks 'Move Along'  4:30 min 

CS-6 "Numa Numa" 5:35 min

VAW-116 Sun Kings “Pump It”  4:52 min 

VAW-116 Sun Kings “Hey Ya”  5:08 min

USS Coral Sea Flight Deck Ops 88 - 89  9:49 min


U.S.S. Hancock Web History Page


Oriskany Museum and USS Oriskany Reunion Association




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